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The Story Behind the Person

Barbara Festeryga

Putting the Energizer Bunny to Shame

Bill Lishman

Father Goose

Brent Herrington

Mainly Because of the Meat

Chris Creamer

He Shoots He Scores

Daren Jones

Where does he find time?

Dianne Chandler

A Teller of Stories

Dorie McDonald

Finding Dorie... at Sunnybrae

Dr. Amita Dayal

There is a Book in All of Us

Dr. Kimberly Ferguson

The Family Health Team

Dr. Sharon Lauricella

The Future of Artificial Intellegence

Elizabeth Werner

From Asphalt to Bricks & Mortar

Geoff Carpentier

35 Trips to Antarctica

Hendrik Weiler

From Tallinn to Cairo and Then Port Perry

Irwin Smith

What's Christmas Without Irwin

James Culp

Run, Run, Run

Jenna Boucher

Two Blokes and a Lady

John Cavers

Is it a bird, is it a plane?

Judy Anderson

All About Giving Back

Kelly la Rocca

Representing the First Peoples

Kenneth Welsh

From Hollywood to Broadway to... Uxbridge?

Lance Brown

On The Air

Lucy Black

Write it Down!

Marie Riverin

It is the Law

Mark Fletcher

A Foundation In Our Community

Matthew Somerville

An Apple a Day

Myles O’Riordan

175 Years in the Community

Old Flame Brewery

The Flame is Burning Bright

Rob Messervey

All About the Lake

Santa Claus

Jolly Old St. Nicholas

Scott Riley

He Values our Pets

Steve Lovisa

Surviving the Pandemic

Suzanne Garriock

The violin is a way of life

Terry Coyne

Most IMPRESS-ive

The Comptons

All about giving back

Tony Janssen

All the News That's Fit to Print

Trena de Bruijn

Port Perry Hospital Foundation

Wilma Wotten

Looking After The Region

Beverly Brown

History Repeating Itself

Bill Minors

You Can't Tell a Book by its Cover

Brock Reville

Eye can See You

Christy Stone-Curry

Always an Entrepreneur

Dana Smith

All That Glitters

David Malcolm

From the Farm, to Stoves, to Art

Don Lovisa

President of Durham College

Doug McLatchy

Collecting it All

Dr. Jack Cottrell

Making a Difference, One Toothe at aTime

Dr. Matthew Schurter

A Crisis in our own Backyard

Dr. Steve Rusell

Making It Happen

Frosty the Snowman

How he came to life one day

Guy Latreille

The Man with the Hat

Holly Barkwell

The World of 9-1-1

Ivo Finotti

Judging Tiramisu

James Kamstra

Consulting the Environment

Jessica Lord

Find me in Paris

John Henry

Put Your John Henry on This

Ken Koury

The Nutty Chocolatier

Kenneth Welsh

From Broadway to Hollywood to... Durham

Lindsey Park

Getting the Job Done

Marc Gibbons

A Story that Needs to be Told

Mark Berney

At 6 Feet, Does he Need a Ladder?

Matt Passafiume

The History of Meade

Mike Dunn

If You Can Take it Out, We Can Make It

Nick Vanderzwet

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Paul Arculus

History Remembered

Sandy Mitchell

Reaching for the Wind

Santa Claus

Oh Christmas Prune

Stephen Gray

The #1 Medical Associate

Stewart Bennett

A Wee Scot with a Tartan

Ted Barris

He Does it all

Terry and Andy Leitch

More than just Tires

Theo Selles

Analyze This!

Tony Janssen

All the News that's Fit to Print

Tyler Briley

Remembering the Past

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