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North America

All dressed up and nowhere to go

Jonathan van Bilsen



May 5, 2020

All dressed up and nowhere to go

Having spent my entire adult life travelling, makes one appreciate how this sequestration concept is changing my entire way of life. No more looking through brochures or dealing with airlines, wondering where I will venture next, and what adventures will I come across? On the upside, there is no packing, no detailed planning, and no travel problems to worry about.

Like most of you, my house is clean, the floors, walls and ceilings have been vacuumed. My basement is so spotless I am thinking about renting it out to Arthur Murray for dance lessons. I have cut the grass once, did some gardening and rearranged the cutlery drawer several times.

Many people seem to be blaming other people for all that is going wrong with the world. Bryan Adams is ranting, the Donald is fumbling and Boris is wondering what happened to Brexit. I would like to publicly admit that I too will take the blame for some of what has gone wrong. I have switched my snow tires and packed the snow blower away, so feel free to blame me for the recent, dramatic change in weather.

Some of the projects I set out to complete were a bit bigger than I expected. I was going to photograph every item in my home and catalogue it for insurance purposes and for prosperity. So far I have 3 photos of my dog, and one of my feet. Perhaps I should leave that for the fall, in the event I am still stuck here.

Last week I bravely packed up the car with junk, donned my protective gear (winter gloves and a toque) and ventured forth to the landfill site to get rid of ‘stuff’. It was an amazing adventure. Not only did I have to shower and get dressed, it felt good, to drive the car, although I was hesitant about wasting my gas, which only cost me 75 cents a litre.

What does the future hold for me? I am booked on a trip to South Kore for September ( I was supposed to go in February, but postponed it). If a second wave of this pandemic comes I will have to reschedule yet again. 

I tried recording a YouTube video, but I discovered I am not a funny person. Cooking is not my strength, although my bacon and eggs are becoming culinary masterpieces. Who knows, maybe next week it will be time to rearrange the cutlery drawer again.

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