You Are Getting Sleepy...

I recently spent an evening at an event, which featured a well-known hypnotist. No, I was not among the chosen asked to ascend the stage and bark like a dog, or be covered by bugs, but it did bring me back to a trip I took to Saskatoon several years ago where, during a photo shoot, I met a man named Richard Guthrie. He billed himself as a mentalist, a term I had not encountered, especially since the television show of the same name had not yet been produced.

I saw him perform at an occasion and was intrigued by his mannerism, his technique and most of all, his believability. Now, please understand that I am extremely skeptical when it comes to things I do not understand or events that have no proof, but the entertainment value of the Mentalist, however, was second to none.

I watched him ask people to write down things on pieces of paper and later reveal what had been noted, and his ability to read minds was truly amazing. This was not in an auditorium, but in a small area of the lobby of the hotel I happen to be in. He was in fact, so entertainingly interesting that I stayed for a good half hour, if for no other reason than to figure out his method. Was he actually reading people's minds? I don't think so. Was he hypnotizing people into making fool of themselves? Again, my answer was no, as I do not believe anyone can be made to do something against their will, but was he entertaining? Absolutely!

I continued about my day’s business, and when I returned to my hotel I decided to hit the bar and relax a bit before dinner. I saw a couple of people that I knew, and joined them for some friendly conversation. A few minutes later, Richard, the mentalist, appeared in the bar, looking for someone, who had evidently not arrived. I chuckled, as I thought a person with his powers would certainly know the whereabouts of his guest.