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Something I Haven't Done in Years

I find it extremely interesting how we source different, sometimes unique and usually cool things to do during this pandemic. Although I may be a tad too old to go to a rave and stay up past 10 O’clock, we did venture out to do something I have not done in 30 years, a trip to the drive-in.

It was last weekend and a beautiful end of summer day. We decided to venture to the closest drive-in that was open, about a 35 minute trek. The movies playing were Jungle Cruise and a second one, which I knew would be way past my bedtime.

The theatre was pandemic ready and there were no issues. We bought our ticket, without leaving the car and pulled up to a good spot, about three rows back. I looked for the pole with the heaters. No one knew what I was talking about, and I was told to ‘run my car if we got cold… just make sure your lights don’t come on’.

Now I am not a master of technology, and my car certainly does what it wants too, and running the engine without lights was not going to happen. We had the foresight to bring a blanket, so getting cold would probably not be an issue.

‘Where are the speakers that you hang on the inside of the window?’, I thought to myself. Instead, you simply turn the car radio to a predetermined station, and the audio blasts through the confines of your car, in full stereo. This is probably a much better way of doing it, as I recently tossed a drive-in speaker, which inadvertently came home with me from a drive-in visit in the seventies.

Next was a trek to the snack bar. They were well organized and socially distanced, and like all things today, popcorn was no longer fifty cents a bag. They did however, still have pretzels, which I love, along with bite-sized Mars bars, bags of M&M’s, red Twizzlers and of course pop.

Arms full, I returned to my car, which is one thing that has not changed. It was dark and finding mine was a challenge. Thank goodness the film had not started and I was able to use my FOB to locate it.

All was well, the movie was starting, the food was yummy and it was time to relax. Suddenly the radio went off. Who knew it shuts off automatically? After fumbling around a bit, I managed to get it started again, but it seems it shuts off every seven minutes. This is to make sure the battery does not wear out. Hmmm, another concern.

Fortunately the car did its part and started with no issue, when it was time to leave. Candy wrappers were all over the seats, the smell of popcorn was embedded in the upholstery, and the memory will last another thirty years. An enjoyable pandemic event for the memory banks.

Jonathan van Bilsen is a television host, award winning photographer, published author, columnist and keynote speaker. Watch his show, ‘Jonathan van Bilsen’s photosNtravel’, on Rogers TV, the Standard Website or YouTube.

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