Signs, Signs, Everywhere a Sign

It is certainly that time again when election signs decorate the landscape. ‘Vote for Me’, ‘Elect Him’, ‘Vote for Change’ and so on. I’m sure you know all the slogans, and probably many of the candidates. With the Provincial election finally behind us, we have a short reprieve until September before the municipal election signs once again dot our landscape.

The face of politics seems to be changing as well, as was evident in the recent US balloting, when horrific bad-mouthing, personality bashing, dirt digging and so on became the forefront of all the campaigns. Ontario was not that far behind, with a shocking PC upset, two months before the election and a Liberal surrender, a week before the polls closed. I ask one simple question, what does it accomplish? The lack of ethics in politics (a bit of an oxymoron) has become the new norm, and social media is part of the cause.

Just once I would like to hear what candidates will do for our community, not what they won’t do. Quit stressing personality traits, as they seldom have a bearing on political ability.

Out and out dishonesty during election campaigns seems to be gaining more ground, especially in the past few decades. I remember when Jean Chretien swore he would not introduce GST or when truthful statements made by Dalton McGuinty were less common that falsehoods. Have we not learned anything from these people?

Social media has given everyone in the general public, an opportunity to voice their own opinions, often with no accountability or regard for truth. Many hide behind pseudonyms or anonymity, yet their misrepresentations coul