Monte Carlo, Place Your Bets

I recently had the pleasure of being in Niagara Falls at the Ice Wine festival and decided to pop into the casino, just to see what it was like. I am not a big fan of gambling, as I seem to have no problem in losing money in stores and restaurants, without adding the world of gaming to my list, however, as entertainment value I think it’s an experience not to be missed.

I started with twenty dollars and a sure fire slot machine, which looked like I was ready to explode with coins. The one armed bandit quickly gobbled my twenty and gave me a number of credits. I started with the twenty-five cent spin, but that soon became 50 cents, $1.00 and then $1.25.

I was down nearly sixteen dollars when suddenly the big gizmo began to ring its bells, flash its lights and howl its sirens. I was stunned, as I was nearly a sleep and tried to figure out what was happening. People were starting to look and I became quite proud of my achievement, whatever it might have been.

Neon lights flashed reading that I had won ten free spins, which paid four times the amount shown. All I had done was push a button, but for the next twenty minutes I watched as the counter exceeded my original twenty dollars, climbed past fifty and finally ended up around $120. Quite proud of myself I cashed out, went to a clothing store and spent it all on their sixty percent off sale.

People travel all over the world for different reasons – to escape from work, to find inner peace, and to have a good time. But there are also some who travel just to play at the casino in the hopes of winning big. There’s something about casinos that heightens a person’s appetite to gamble – it could be the sounds o