Lovin' N'awlins

I have had the pleasure of visiting New Orleans four times, the last being this past week. Although the weather was good (27 degrees, Celsius), there were a few brief showers and the last day it dropped to +10. My recommendation would be to go in April or May, when the temperature is steady and the summer heat has not yet set in.

So what is there to do in NOLA (local term for the city - New Orleans, Louisiana)? Where to begin? It has to be one of the best cities for tourism in the world, catering to everyone’s pleasures, especially those who enjoy great food and good jazz music.

Five or six days is probably enough to see the highlights of the city. The location of your stay is important, especially if you plan on walking a lot. Everyone talks about the French Quarter as the place to be, and it is a unique part of the city, but the warehouse district is a few blocks away and has ma