Life Takes its Toll

I am extremely glad I am able to live in an age of progress and innovative inventions, which make our lives easier, and for that reason I am usually one of the first to jump on the bandwagon when something new is in the works. This also of course is the case with highway 407, the electronic toll road which runs parallel to highway 401. It is designed for us North Durham folks who need to make those dreaded trips to the big cities of Toronto or Mississauga.

You can imagine how easy my life became when the 407 condensed my trip to Pearson International, down to 45 minutes. No more back roads, no more traffic jams on highway 401 and best of all, no transport trailers to intimidate me onto the shoulders of highways.

Now I look south with anticipated excitement visualizing the daily progress of the 407 extension. It slices through the center of Durham, separating the north from the south (unless you live in Brooklin, where, in some cases it separates your backyard).

I watched with awe as bridges unfold almost before my eyes and hundreds of workers, dozens of gigantic machines and an endless number of dump trucks scurry like ants back and forth, to bring this ribbon of pavement to completion.

I heard it was to be finished this year, but judging by the state it is that today, I’m not sure about that. I am however, a great believer in truthful government, and will wait with bated breath to see the evolution unfold.

There is one other element to the 407 which has been nagging me for some time and that is t