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Libbie Burns: Fibre Artist

The definition of an artist usually means a person who creates art. In the case of this month’s featured artisan, Libbie Burns is an extremely talented artist, but is also a big proponent of the art community in North Durham.

As past President of the Scugog Council for the Arts, Libbie has made a very positive impact on the community, enhancing the careers of several artists, and sharing her abilities with others. In her own right, she is a talented Fibre Artist, who continues to explore new avenues of her art.

Libbie uses natural fibres to hand felt unique wall hangings and variable wearable creations. Her colourful pieces allow the wearer to savour the majesty of nature’s own beauty.

The process is quite complex. First, one starts with a basic piece of fabric. It can be anything, but Libbie prefers handwoven silk from India. Next the entire project is wetted and rolled and then tied with silk strands. The rolling forces the fibres to connect to each other and adhere permanently. From there it is rolled and, soaked in hot water several times, then rolled again. This makes the pattern adhere to the silk in a permanent manner.

I asked Libbie why she liked Fibre Art and her answer was simple: “I have a real appreciation for nature, shapes and textures, as well as colours. I love the challenge of altering geometric shapes into new designs.”

Libbie started her career as an elementary school teacher; but has been involved in the art world as long as she can remember. She has spun many of the yarns used in the creations of her art, and at one time, taught frame loom weaving. Libbie opened her home studio, Felted Fibres, to explore the exciting possibilities of her artistry.

Libbie Burns displays her work at studio tours, local shops and at a variety of exhibitions around North Durham. You can connect with her at

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