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Jasmine Rutschmann: Metalcrafter

Jasmine Rutschmann, fairly new to the art world, is fulfilling her artistic dreams. I had the pleasure of meeting Jasmine several times over the past few years, including a visit to her studio on Oyler Road, in Port Perry, where she practices her craft of metal sculpting. She continues to create amazing art and has amassed quite a collection of unique sculptures, all constructed of old, cast-aside pieces of metal. A discarded patio table has become a rose decorated masterpiece, and a rusted wheelbarrow has been given new life through Jasmine's craft.

Jasmine practices her art by starting with a piece of metal, which may once have been a useful tool for its owner. Albeit a saw or a 40 gallon drum, a rusty metal rack or a shovel head, to Jasmine it is a beautiful work of art, yet to be discovered. Once she obtains a piece and decides its future, she sketches designs, which will bring out the best of the item.

The next step is to begin cutting the article with her plasma cutter, a tool which works similar to a laser and cuts the metal with detailed precision. "You have to wear these glasses," Jasmine commanded, as she handed me a pair of dark lenses to shield my eyes. She is careful and appreciative of the damage her craft can do through the slightest negligence.

I watched as she cut a piece of metal and made it look easy, although I fully appreciate the time and effort that goes into the task. Once her cutting is complete, she sands the piece and paints it to give it the final look. "My dad is a welder, and he is extremely supportive of my art," Jasmine explained.

In 2015 Jasmine opened her studio as an outlet for emerging artists, where she created a venue for other new artists to display their work, and offer it to the general public.

Jasmine is a go-getter and does not allow any moss to grow under her feet. She contacted the Marilyn Denis show, and was offered an interview with Dragon Den icon Kevin Leary. She presented her trade and her business plan, and had tremendous feedback from all the people involved in the show.

Recently, Jasmine graduated from university, majoring in business and entrepreneurship. "I think it's important to have good business knowledge if you plan to be a self-employed artist," she said with conviction. I looked at her as she spoke, saw the determination in her eyes, and know she will be successful in her career.

Jasmine’s work is showcased all around the Durham Region. She exhibits in the Preston Gallery in Uxbridge, as well as the Artists Marketplace in Port Perry. She has also expanded to exhibitions in Toronto and New York. Recently she began taking commissions, which include the huge metal sign at Willowtree Farms.

To see her work, visit, but be sure to drop by her studio, the Golden Gallery, 10 Oyler Drive in Port Perry and meet her. Who knows, you too may purchase a piece of Jasmine’s collection of unique metal sculptures.

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