It’s Ludecrous Not To Visit Luderitz

It seems no matter where I travel I am always amazed by the constant surprises I encounter, and a recent trip I took to Namibia did not disappoint me. First of all, for those not familiar with this south-west African country, it is home to the highest sand dunes in the world as well as the second largest canyon (next, only to Arizona’s Grand Canyon). I love Africa and have been numerous times, but always dread the journey and Namibia was no different; with three flights, the longest of which was 16 hours non-stop.

I can talk forever about the wonders of this African country, deep in the Kalahari Desert, but the one place that stands out from the rest is the German descendant town of Luderitz, located on the ocean, halfway up the country. If you draw a straight line across the globe, intersecting Luderitz, you touch