In Search Of Swedish Meatballs

Whenever I travel to foreign destinations I try to involve myself in the specialties of the country I visit. I had the pleasure of going to Sweden and decided that Swedish meatballs would be at their best if eaten in Sweden. The question was, where would the best meatballs be?

Sweden's capital city of Stockholm is a thriving metropolis and an amazing city from a sightseeing perspective. I thought the best way to get an overview of the city would be on board a harbour cruise boat where I could see not only the shore but also some of the 30,000 islands that lie in Sweden's largest city's harbour and perhaps the home of the best meatballs in the world. I boarded the boat and began my tour. Unfortunately the rain also began and when I say rain, I mean rain. It poured solid for the complete two hour cruise. Fortunately the boat was covered so I stayed dry.

Having experienced the trek I was rather intrigued with seeing Stockholm from a 'wet' perspective and was quite taken by the splendor of the city. Nowhere, however, was there any sign of meatballs and I was disappointed, for I expected to see banners and billboards everywhere. The moment the boat docked I made a mad dash across the wet street to the nearest restaurant I could find. My mouth was watering for meatballs, which by now I was almost able to taste.

I looked around the lobby and realized I was in a hotel. I took a second look and recognized it as not just any hotel, but the Grand, a chain of fairly high end establishments throughout Europe. Surely a refined establishment such as this would have the famous Swedish dish, but again disappointment set in when I scanned the menu and saw only sandwiches. Rain pouring down hard outside and a chill running through my bones I decided to put my meatballs on the back burner (so to speak) and order the open faced sandwich and a beer. I was hungry and eager to sample local cuis