Impact of the Media

The way we receive our news and information has drastically changed in the last decade, or so. The top sources for receiving the latest news are: television, the internet, a cocktail party (prior to COVID), locker rooms in fitness centres, your family and friends and print media (not in any specific order).

Let's look at how these have changed in the last number of years. News, especially on television, used to consist of reporters broadcasting facts. From there your intelligence was able to make decisions and form opinions. Since the introduction of CNN, news media has become all about viewership and the attraction of demographics. The longer media can keep you involved in a story, the more sponsorship they are able to create. This is not necessarily a bad thing however; rating increases are forcing information accuracy to take a back seat. Consequently, opinion-based reporting is suppressing fact-based information. This is especially true in Internet groups, whic