Have App Will Travel

Updated: Oct 17, 2018

Travelling has become much more tedious since the change in regulations, following the disasters of 9-11. Long lineups, closer scrutiny and ever changing regulations cause confusion, frustration and in some cases, intimidation to tourists, especially if they do not travel frequently.

There are no solutions; however I have turned to my smart phone to help me manage some of the hindrances involved in travelling. First off, it is called a smart phone because it is usually smarter than we are. Secondly, as much as a hindrance technology sometimes is, it can benefit us in the long run.

One of the most important apps any traveller should have is TripIt. It has been around for 12 years, but only recently started becoming popular. The purpose of the app, quite simply, is to track all aspects of an upcoming trip. Whenever I plan a trip, albeit a week in Florida, a shopping trip to New York or an adventure to Easter Island, I simply forward any emails I have that pertain to my adventure to plans@tripit.com.

All of my travel arrangements are then instantly logged into one place, on my phone (and on my PC). Starting with flight numbers, flying time, seats, destinations and everything else (it even tells you the weather where you are heading). Next it logs any car rentals and hotels with confirmation numbers, as well as maps of your destination. The app links to your online calendar as well, and with one easy click you can share your itinerary with anyone you choose. Of course, it is password protected so your information is totally safe. The app will work if there is no Wi-Fi available. If you forget to send your details to the app, not to worry, you can tell TripIt to scan your emails and pick up anything pertaining to your adventure.