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Get off the Pot

We are only a few months away from the legalization and introduction of edible marijuana treats, and it seems they are in the news, every time you turn on the television. Usually the association is not good, so I am curious to see what will happen to our little community when pot nibblies make it to market.

Manufacturers constantly claim they are targeting the responsible adult market, which is OK, as I assume we become very intelligent, once we grow up. What I don’t understand is, if they are targeting the ‘over 21’ crowd, why do the edibles look like gummy bears, chocolate chip cookies and lollipops.

Don't misunderstand me, as I have absolutely nothing against adults doing what they want, as long as it is within the parameters of the law. I did after all, grow up in the sixties. What I am opposed to, is the vulnerability of children and the negligence of some adults, who happen to be parents.

Yesterday two children were rushed to a hospital in Montreal because they ate dad's gummy bears. A few weeks ago, a similar incident happened when a child brought ‘special’ chocolate chip cookies to school, and shared them with his friends. Surely this can't be good, and I truly hope the Liberals and Just-out Trudeau, did not intend for the morals of our society to be taken another notch down.

Let's talk about protecting our children. Brains are not fully formed until we are in our very late teens, and anything destructive that happens prior to that time could have long lasting effects. It's bad enough that some kids drink alcohol when they are teens, or smoke or vape, now we are adding yet another problem to the mix.

They are much easier influenced than most adults, and peer pressure is amazing. Social media has made bullying the 'in' thing and often it is easier for a child to give in, then to fight it. When I think back to when I was young I took up smoking (fortunately I quit shortly afterwards) because it was the 'cool' thing to do. Why would edibles be any different?

I know, the introduction of edibles, will only be available in special shops, but how long will that last? Not long ago alcohol was only available in LCBO outlets, but things change, and not always for the better. It won't be long before we will be depending solely on the discretion of a shop owner, to decide who is old enough to get what.

And why stop at gummy bears and lollipops? Can you imagine what pot would do for ice cream? Gee, I'll have a litre of Rocky Mountain High. Maybe I will be invited to a 'pot' luck party, or play that new video game, Tokemon. Any way you look at it, the risks to the young people in our society will be great.

In typical fashion, let's wait until something really bad happens before we fix it. This seems to be the case with any major change, implemented without proper safeguards in place. Let’s all stand and sing Oh Cannabis.

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