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Don Lovisa, President of Durham College

Education in today’s world is certainly changing and sitting down to chat with the president of Durham College, Don Lovisa, gave me a great insight into the current world of education. It was also a good opportunity to learn about the person running this fantastic institution in Durham Region.

Don Lovisa has been the president of Durham College since 2010, and has been instrumental in the college's success. During his tenure, the college achieved some of its greatest successes, such as becoming the largest teaching-focused college in Ontario. He has also seen the college become one of the few colleges to receive multiple awards for its teaching excellence, and to boast a 95% employment rate among its graduates.

Under his leadership, Durham College has also become a leader in workforce training and innovation, as well as a prominent innovator in the field of e-learning. The college has also become a major contributor to the Durham Region’s economic growth, by providing quality education, and helping create many employment opportunities in the region.

Don Lovisa has often been described as a visionary leader who is not afraid of pushing for positive change. He has used his ability to think outside the box to drive the college's development and has worked with government, industry, and community partners, to ensure that Durham College can best serve the students and the region. In addition, he has also worked to raise funds for the college, mentored students, and encouraged faculty innovation.

Don Lovisa has also used his experience to build relationships between the college and the companies that hire its graduates. He has implemented strategies to support student success in the workplace, help employers identify the best candidates, and raise the college's profile among employers.

The college shares property with Ontario Tech University, as well as a few buildings, such as the sports complex, but other than that, they are quite autonomous from each other. Don explained how initially, it was expected the college would act as a feeder institution for the University, but now it is the exact opposite. Many students who attend Ontario Tech (formerly UOIT), have turned to Durham College for their continued studies.