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An hour on the phone?

Human behaviour has always fascinated me. The way people act and behave varies around the world, but there are several traits which seem to be universal. They also tend to separate the sexes.

For example, did you know, when people who like each other stare at each other, their heartbeats will synchronize. If they take it one step further and kiss, that action will require the use of 146 sets of muscles. Imagine the calories you burn.

It only takes 4 minutes to judge whether you like someone, and most of us will base our opinion on a person, after that initial exposure.

We all love pets, but there is a definite difference between people who have them, and those who don’t. People who do not have a pet cannot understand their importance. This is called empathy gap, which is a kind of cognitive bias.

Do you want to live longer? It is a proven statistic that husbands who are used to kissing their wives every morning, live about 5 years longer than those who are not. Of course, I’m not sure what effect a morning kiss has on wives? Kissing for 10 seconds can exchange up to 80 million bacteria, which can help digesting food and fight infection. Knock yourself out.

While we’re on the subject of partners, the most important element of experiencing a successful date, is finding the right establishment. If you want to cultivate the relationship, it is important to note that girls are most disgusted by boys being silent, whereas boys get really put off by girls' chattering complaints. If any of you guys thought our gender was not shallow, please note that we spend an entire year of our life looking at women - that’s a total of 525,000 minutes. I’ll let you break it down further.

Do you find yourself visiting your doctor more often to have your ears syringed? Interestingly, if you are on the phone for more than an hour at a time, the earwax in your ears will increase by about 700 times.