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Art is an interesting topic, one which is perceived in different ways by many people. Defining art is in itself a challenge, as it is personal.

There are the traditional art forms, as well as more non-mainstream practices. It seems that anything fashioned with a creative flair is considered art.

Such is, Alison Brown, an artist who transforms old furniture into amazingly beautiful showpieces, displayed in prominent places within homes or offices. In 2015, Alison took over Antweek, a furniture restoration firm, located in Port Perry.

Art has always been a dominant factor in Alison’s life. Born in Scotland, her family moved to Windsor, Ontario. “I remember winning an award in kindergarten for the best artwork in the class, and it was prominently displayed at the Devonshire Mall in Windsor,” Alison beamed.

Although Alison enjoyed art, it was not until she moved to Lloydminster, Alberta, at the age of 12, that she became more engulfed in various art forms. Alison’s mother was an avid painter and decorator, constantly looking for new ways to redecorate old furniture. It was because of her mom that Alison chose painting as an artistic form of expression. Her efforts paid off, because she won an art proficiency award in high school.

She was so intrigued by creativity that she attended the University of Alberta, where she hosted Bits and Pieces, a local television show about kids and their art.

She continued to experiment with different art forms, including sculpting and pottery. Still unsure of what genre she was heading toward, Alison left U of A to pursue a career in photography. It was then that she met a boy from Ontario, and after a brief courtship decided to head east, settling in Toronto.

Having been raised in Lloydminster, Alison was tired of big city living and wanted to return to a smaller environment to raise her kids. In 1996 she relocated to Seagrave, and opened a very successful, fine dining establishment in Port Perry known as Zin’s.

After a few years Alison joined Antweek, a small artistic restoration company “The name comes from tweaking antiques, and it was catchy enough to be successful,” Alison explained.

The business did well and Alison was promoted to manager, bringing her creative talent to transform old, worn furniture into amazing, eye-catching pieces of distinction.

Alison offers high-end service and products from her Queen Street store. Along with workshops and high end paint, her store also sells art created by local Canadian artists.

Her work is personalized with a remarkable result. If you have old furniture and are not sure what to do with it, give Alison Brown a call and chat with her. The ideas and concepts she provides you with, will amaze you. Visit or call 905-442-2550 and begin transforming your old furniture into new conversation pieces, and who knows, you too may become a tweaker of antiques.

Jonathan van Bilsen is an award winning photographer, published author, columnist and keynote speaker. Follow his adventures at

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