A Royal Flush

I seldom get embarrassed at things that happen to me, and can only recall one time in the past 20 or so years when I was truly indicted into the 'egg all over your face', league. It was a time I recall vividly, and one I would really like to forget.

I was on a trip to Turkey, a country known for its beauty and exotic customs, and one I thoroughly enjoyed visiting. I woke on a sunny morning and, after breakfast set out with my guide. We were driving along the southern coast, admiring the spectacular views of the Mediterranean. I knew it was going to be another great day. Little did I know what fate had in store for me.

Most of Turkey is Muslim and I have visited enough Islamic countries to know that they, like any other foreign lands, are worthy of my respect for their traditions and customs. I do my utmost to attempt to fit into the local environments, no matter how different they are from what I am used to.

We were driving along when I felt my stomach begin to rumble a little. No, it wasn't hunger, for I had eaten a hearty breakfast. I waited a bit and realized it was time for a non-scheduled pit stop. I mentioned this to my driver and he said we would find a place. Time passed and the situation grew more pressing. Again I spoke up, but this time expressed urgency in my voice.

"There is a park, nearby," he replied. "Will that do?"

"Absolutely," I said, adamantly. I could see a building ahead of us and was relieved when he pulled to a slow stop. I did not wait for directions and literally bolted to the stone structure. S