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Children of the sultan

Children of the Sultan.jpg

© 1998

$9.95 CDN

ISBN 0-9680432-3-2

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Terrorism!  An evil which cannot be crushed.  A menace fueled by beliefs and convictions.  A force so threatening that it reaches into our very souls.

One man, a Turkish reel, manipulates people around him and lashes out at an unsuspecting world.  His target -- a group of innocent tourists on board TWA flight 800 from New York.  His purpose -- to show the world that America is not exempt from justice.  His accomplishment -- an angered world seeking revenge.

The UN has been selected to channel that anger and seek out the parasites responsible for this ruthless crime on society.  Quentin Wright is ordered to Istanbul with only one objective -- to find the beast responsible and bring him to justice, and in so doing, eliminate the terrorist group who call themselves, 'The Children of the Sultan'.

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