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Shop ‘Till You Drop

Lots of great shopping at the Galleria

Toronto has more shopping places than most cities I have visited (and I have been to 86 countries). The only problem is that the majority of malls have the same chain stores, offering the same merchandise.

Every now and then it’s nice to take a trip to Buffalo (bit of an oxymoron to have ‘nice’ and ‘Buffalo’ in the same sentence) and check out Walden’s Galleria. The mall boasts 250 stores on two levels, most of which are different from those in Southern Ontario so the variety is refreshingly unique. It is usually manage ably busy, mind you the only line up I saw was at the Tim Horton’s in the mall (some things don’t change)

Say what you will about Americans, they know how to market and the sales staff in most stores are super friendly and eager to help you (whether you need it or not).

The drive from Toronto is 2 hours (border crossing not included) along the QEW crossing at the Peace Bridge. Check it out, you won’t be disappointed.

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