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PHOTO TIP: Card size matters

Size really is everything
size mattersThink carefully about how you want to balance the convenience of carrying fewer large cards with the security of travelling with a larger number of lower capacity ones. On the one hand you’ll spend less time swapping 32GB cards than 8GB media, but if you lose a single 32GB card, or it corrupts, you could lose all of the shots from your trip.

Splitting them across several cards, and locking full cards in your hotel safe so you’re only carrying around empty cards plus the one on your camera means you’ll be taking fewer risks with your digital memories.


  1. Rich Helms

    This is one of the reasons I chose my new Nikon D610. It holds 2 SD cards and you can configure the camera to write both the JPG and RAW images on both cards. Have a card fail, just use the other card. Everything is in duplicate. I picked up a pair of Kingston 64G class 10 cards for $64. Still doesn’t help if you camera is stolen 🙂

    1. photosNtravel

      My D800 holds an SD as well as a CF card. I prefer Sd, but my D3 only has space for 2 CF cards. Slowly I am making the transition

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