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Model & Actor Portfolios

Model and Actor portfolios can make or break your career. You’ll find our studio session extremely relaxed. There is no rush and by the end of the session, you will have the quality images you’re looking for. We have prepared some information below which should help you prepare for your portfolio session.

Remember that this is truly a “first impression” business. You know the quote – “You only get one chance to make a good first impression.” – There is no business where that is truer than modelling. Every agency or client that you contact – your photos, comp card or modelling portfolio will always go in the door before you.


  • Solid colour shirts and simple ties always work well. Make sure the clothing is pressed and ready to wear.
  • Bring options. Avoid Logos.
  • Consider having both a formal choice and a more relaxed choice or two strong alternatives to give you variety.


  • White or solid colour blouses and blazers work best
  • Bring options. Avoid Logos.
  • Exposed upper arms can be an issue, if you’re concerned, bring a top that conceals.


  • ALWAYS bring a hairbrush / comb.
  • Consider hiring a hair stylist artist, which we can provide.
  • We can book a hair appointment just before your session.


  • Consider hiring a make-up artist, which we can provide. If you do, please arrive without make-up.
  • Visit a MAC counter or something similar to obtain advice.
  • Otherwise, keep it simple, neutral and clean unless you’re going for the strong look.


  • Be yourself, but keep in mind your audience.
  • Shiny jewellery can act like tiny mirrors and be distracting.
  • Bring a variety of jewellery if you’re not sure what will work under studio conditions.Click here to contact us for more information