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      Corporate Events

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      Images of Port Perry

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      Model & Actor Portfolios

      Model and Actor portfolios can make or break your career. You’ll find our studio session extremely relaxed. There is no rush and by the end of the session, you will have the quality images you’re looking for. We have prepared some information below which should help you prepare for your portfolio session. Remember that this …

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      Pet Portraits

      Pets are a part of our family, but quite often they are overlooked when it comes to portraits. We have taken hundreds of photos of puppies and kitties and the results provide lasting keepsakes. We take the time to make your pet feel comfortable and at home in our studio. The result is a cherished …

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      Social Events

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      Staff Collages

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      Stock Photography

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      Images of the World

      Images of the world is a collection of photographs taken by Jonathan van Bilsen during his visits to 92 countries. Each photograph is suitable for framing and can be purchased in various sizes by clicking here. Pricing for different sizes is located under the ‘pricing’ tab above. Africa Asia Australia Central America & Caribbean Europe …

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      1. Ross Payne

        Hi Jon…..I used to really enjoy your “where in the world is this….?”…feature… don’t seem to have that anymore, or am I not looking in the right place..?..thanks….love your stuff…..RP

        1. photosNtravel

          Hi, Ross, I deleted it because I was getting 70-80 emails and many with comments and questions, which took me a few hours to reply to and sort through. I will see about adding it again in November.

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