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Jonathan van Bilsen

img_6564Jonathan van Bilsen has spent most of his adult life travelling, photographing and writing about wonderful locations around the world. From his home in a country setting outside of Port Perry, he has visited 96 countries, written 9 books and has photographed some of the most exotic locales on our planet.

His photography studio in downtown Port Perry features the latest in digital technology, as well as large format printing capabilities producing spectacular portraits and commercial images. He currently writes 4 monthly features for magazines and newspapers and takes readers all over the world sharing his adventures and sometimes calamities in many different lands.

Jonathan’s sense of humour and storytelling ability makes him an excellent speaker at events and meetings. He has spoken to groups as large as 1,500 and as small as 20 in faraway places like Hawaii and Paris, as well as close to home.

Consider Jonathan van Bilsen as a guest speaker at your group or club’s next event. His adventures packed with award-winning photographs.


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  1. Randy VanDerStarren

    Hi Jonathan.
    Rick Shaver has shared enough with me that I am quite excited to meet you tomorrow.
    I am an ad guy who somehow became President of a wealth management company.
    I quit my job in December to write and shoot my first motivational book.
    It’s called Take Your Seat.
    It’s a motivational book intended to get people to stop saying, ‘One day I’m going to…’
    to ‘This day I will…’
    I have taken a Director’s chair as a symbol of directing your life.
    That chair has travelled with me to some incredible locations that you no doubt have been to as well.
    Each chapter will have about 2000 words and six feature photographs to accompany the story.
    I look forward to meeting you and sharing some of my own stories with you.
    See you tomorrow.
    Randy 416 580 1249

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