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JvB - ben PriebeJonathan van Bilsen has spent most of his adult life travelling, photographing and writing about wonderful locations around the world. From his home in the country setting outside of Port Perry, he has visited 90 countries, written 9 books and countless articles, and has photographed some of the most exotic locals on our planet. he currently writes monthly columns for two newspapers and a magazine and his daily blog can be followed at

His photography studio in downtown Port Perry features the latest in digital technology, as well as large format printing capabilities producing spectacular portraits and commercial images. His monthly columns in magazines and newspapers  takes readers all over the world sharing his adventures and sometimes calamities in many different lands. He has been awarded the prestigious Patron of the Arts Award, ‘Best’ Photography Studio in North Durham (10 years in a row), the Ontario Heritage award, was selected to the Mayor’s Honour Roll for 2015 and was recently honoured by Canada’s Minister of Veterans Affairs. .

Jonathan’s sense of humour and story-telling ability make him an excellent speaker at events and meetings. He has spoken to groups as large as 1,500 and as small as 20 in faraway places like Hawaii and Paris, as well as close to home. Consider Jonathan van Bilsen as a guest speaker at your group or club’s next event.

Jonathan van Bilsen has accomplished a great deal of giving to the community. Over the years he has helped hundreds of children learn about photography through library sponsored workshops. He also photographs dozens of events for not-for-profit organizations free of charge. He has donated thousands of dollars to charitable organizations in our community and continues to promote the necessity of organizations such as Operation Scugog, the United Way, the Hospital Foundation, the New Animal Shelter and many more.

Jonathan was Chair of the Kent Farndale Art Gallery and the Kent Farndale Bursary committee and sits on the board of the Scugog Council for the Arts. The board of the Memorial Library and the Public Arts committee. He is the founder and President of the Port Perry Photographic Society, One of the founders of the Port Perry Arts Tour and founder of the North Durham Photographers’ Association.

Jonathan is one of the original members of the Writers’ Community of Durham Region, as well as Treasurer of the Lake Scugog Spring Studio Tour. He served on the Board of the Canadian Deafblind and Rubella Association for eight years, was a director on the Board of Junior Achievement of Ontario for four years and is a founding member of the Lend a Hand Foundation. He was media director for the Windreach 20th anniversary campaign.

Jonathan continues to raise awareness for the environment, the protection of animal extinction and the quality of life for children in third world countries. Each month Jonathan presents tales of his travels to five seniors/nursing homes. As an accomplished speaker he also makes himself available to host and emcee numerous events all of which are charity based. In 2012 Jonathan received the Ontario Heritage Trust Award for his promotion of local history through one of is books, Port Perry Then and Now.

Mr. van Bilsen is published by Hushion House. His adventures packed with award-winning photographs can be viewed at

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Below is a list of upcoming lectures and presentations in which I am involved. These are open to the public. I look forward to seeing you there. October 5, 2:00 PM – A World of Paradox Travel the world through photographs and interesting tales Presented by Community Care of North Durham Held at the Blackstock United Church October 10, 2:00 PM – …

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Jonathan van Bilsen

Jonathan van Bilsen has spent most of his adult life travelling, photographing and writing about wonderful locations around the world. He has visited 99 countries, written 11 books and has photographed some of the most exotic locales on our planet. For the past 14 years, he has been writing travel and lifestyle articles and currently writes 4 monthly features for magazines …

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TELEPHONE: 01.905.925.1343

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  1. Roseanna Vachon

    Are you around on Monday as I would like to come to Port Perry and have you look at my camera lense? I am heading to Michigan next week and will be snapping a lot of shots. Thanks

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