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May 04 2015

TRAVELON: New Orleans revisited

I have had the pleasure of visiting New Orleans four times, the last being this past week. Although the weather was good (27 degrees, Celsius), there were a few brief showers and the last day it dropped to +10. My recommendation would be to go in April or May, when the temperature is steady and …

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May 02 2015

Jon’s pic of the week – where was this taken?

LAST WEEK’S PHOTO of Angkor Thom near Siem Reap in Cambodia was correctly guessed by Mark Howsam and David Summers. Angkor Thom, located in present day Cambodia, was the last and most enduring capital city of the Khmer empire. It was established in the late twelfth century by King Jayavarman VII. It covers an area of …

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Apr 30 2015

PHOTO TIP: Be quick

If it is at all possible that your subject may move, bolt, fly away, stop smiling, or just get tired of waiting for you to take the picture, shoot once right away. Practice getting quicker and quicker to the draw. Make sure you have a fast shutter speed, especially if objects tend to move quickly. …

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Apr 30 2015

REVIEW: No stinging at the Red Bee

Every now and again I have the urge to visit a greasy spoon and pig out on some bacon and eggs, coffee and home fries with toast (albeit brown). Yesterday I did just that at Whitby’s Red bee, located on Highway 12 just north of Dundas Street. The place is simple and clean. square tables …

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Apr 28 2015

GALERY: Images of Stonehenge

Enjoy these photographs of Stonehenge, most processed with HDR. Read the Stonehenge article by clicking here. 

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