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REVIEW: It may be called Museum, but it’s not old

I had the pleasure of walking along Bloor Street yesterday and deciding to stop into a restaurant, I didn’t know existed. It is called the Museum Tavern and it is located across from the museum, on Bloor, just west of University. The eatery is located upstairs and is owned by a couple of guys, on of …

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GALLERY: Images of Paris

Paris, France, the city of love, culture and cuisine. Nothing is more romantic than strolling along the banks pf the Seine or dining at Maxims. A stroll through  Montmartre brings the impressionists to life and a visit to Pigalle adds colour to any visit. The Louvre and Musee D’orsay are not to missed.

STANDARD REPRINT: Tom Rowett, Port Perry Proud

Many of Port Perry’s Mayors are native to our town, and our current Mayor, Tom Rowett is no exception. Born to Jim and Connie at the Port Perry hospital, Tom was the youngest of three sons. Tom’s roots in this area go back another generation, when Dorothy and Fred Walker, Tom’s grandparents, purchased a cottage …

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IN THE NEWS… 1997 – Meeting with the Kikuyu people

1997 was the year of my very first trip to Africa. I have had the pleasure of visiting the dark continent nine more times, but nothing stands out like that first adventure. I met members if the Kikuyu tribe and gathered enough information for my fourth novel, The Crimson Mask. I love Africa!

Jon’s Pic of the Week – Where was this taken?

Email me if you think you know where this is taken

LAST WEEK’S PHOTO of the main square in Cuba’s capital city of Havana was quickly guessed by Catherine Starr, David Summers, Robert Square, Mark Howsam, Karen Fox, Donna Deakin, David Mullins, Bill Stevenson, Loek Beckers and Jette James. Congratulations! Havana, Cuba’s colorful capital, is known for the Spanish colonial architecture of its 16th-century Old Havana core, including Castillo de la Real fort, now a …

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PHOTO TIP: The history of photography

Here are some interesting facts about photography: 1800 – Thomas Wedgwood makes “sun pictures” by placing opaque objects on leather treated with silver nitrate; resulting images deteriorated rapidly. 1816 – Nicéphore Niépce combines silver nitrate with paper to create photosensitive paper. 1834 – Henry Fox Talbot creates permanent (negative) images using paper soaked in silver chloride …

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