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Oct 24 2014

REVIEW: Colonel Mustard, in the library with the candlestick

Port Perry has yet another new restaurant and the town is fast becoming the world’s dining emporium. the latest is one of a chain of 3 eateries called Colonel Mustard’s Bar and Grill, no doubt named after the famous Clue board game. I had the pleasure of visiting twice and must admit the food was …

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Oct 22 2014

GALLERY: The Northern Zebra

Northern Zebra, also known as Burchell zebras is a southern subspecies of the plains zebra. It is named after the British explorer and naturalist William John Burchell. These beautiful animals are found in areas south of Ethiopia, through East Africa, into the centre of the continent. Burchell’s zebra is the only breed of zebra which may be legally farmed for human consumption in the UK.

Oct 20 2014

CAPS REPRINT: Dr. Google is in! (October, 2014)

Since I first discovered the internet I have been a big proponent of its value… that is, until recently, when I had an altercation with Dr. Google (the world’s first choice for medical help). Let me back up a bit and explain a little of what caused my confrontation. As I do every year (well, …

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Oct 17 2014

Jon’s Pic of the Week – Where was this taken?

LAST WEEK’S PIC OF THE WEEK was taken in downtown Toronto and is entitled McElcheran’s The Encounter Fat Man. It is located at Commerce Court and is one of many sculptures, found around the world.

Oct 16 2014

PHOTO TIPS: 4 ways to ensure a level horizon

When photographing landscapes, seascapes or architecture, there’s no excuse for not getting a level horizon. Even the slightest tilt of the camera can ruin an otherwise attractive shot. This can be difficult to get right by eye alone, even if your camera’s mounted on a tripod, but there are plenty of techniques and gadgets you …

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