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Oct 08 2015

PHOTO TIP: Shoot with three in mind

by PhotoVenture Three really is the magic number as far as photography is concerned. When composing shots, three elements (and odd numbers in general) lens themselves to balanced pictures. You’ll often find that 3 people in a group shot or three colours in a still life produce more interesting images than those using two or four. …

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Oct 07 2015

REVIEW: NOTL’s Epicurean is so-so

by Jonathan van Bilsen I have visited Epicurean in Niagara-On-The-Lake (NOTL) many times and have a memory of it being quite good. my recent visit, however, was not a s satisfying as memory served me. The food was OK. Not great, just OK. The prices seemed to have gone up drastically (two people for lunch …

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Oct 06 2015

GALLERY: Images of New Orleans I

One of North America’s most fantastic cities is new Orleans, complete with its Mardi Gras, Southern mansions and Creole Food. Enjoy!

Oct 05 2015

TRAVELON: A Lighthouse At The End Of The World

by Jonathan van Bilsen – reprinted with permission from Focus Magazine What has great seafood, exceptional scenery and some of the friendliest people in Canada? A small point of land forty-five minutes outside of Halifax called Peggy’s Cove. According to legend, Peggy’s’ Cove was named after the only survivor of a schooner that ran aground …

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Oct 02 2015

Jon’s pic of the week – where was this taken?

LAST WEEK’S PHOTO of the Mount Kenya Safari Club Hotel, on the equator in Kenya was correctly guessed by James Oleki, Ron Arnold and Maya Verbossen. Congrats to all! The Fairmont Mount Kenya Safari Club offers luxury accommodation in Nanyuki, Kenya. A magnificent view to behold, the prestigious main structure reflects the 1950’s colonial architectural …

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