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PHOTO TIP: Why use a tripod?

When taking night time shots and sunsets Natural lighting is reduced and so to get more light into the lens, the camera will adjust exposure and shutter speed when set to the Night setting. However, with a slower shutter speed, there is the risk of camera shake which results in unwanted blurring. A tripod will …

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REVIEW: Don’t get hooked at the Hook and Ladder

While driving up through Port Carling, I stopped at a small restaurant,for a bite to eat. Unfortunately the experience was not the greatest. The Hook and Ladder, family dining, was packed when I entered with only one waitress, who also managed the cash register. After a short wait at the door, a table became empty …

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GALLERY: Art Nouveau District of Riga

Latvia’s capital city of Riga is famous for its Art Nouveau district. Designed by Architect, Mihails Eizensteins at the turn of the last century, this area was once the centre of Baltic opulence © Jonathan van Bilsen, photographer, Port Perry

STANDARD REPRINT: Marwan: from Zanzibar, to Thailand, to Port Perry

I am always intrigued when I go into a fine restaurant, to find out who is the master behind the art of the delicious cuisine. Such was the case with the relatively new eatery in Port Perry, Marwan’s Global Bistro. Marwan Dib (pronounced Deeb) is the brainchild behind the concept of a Mediterranean eatery, with …

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IN THE NEWS… 2016 – Small Business Expo

I had the pleasure of attending the first, Small Business Expo, Scugog has held. The event was designed to introduce residents of the area to business, in order to better acquaint them with products and services. Congrats to the Chamber for hosting. Rain, unfortunately, held back some of the crowds, but it was well attended …

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Jon’s Pic of the Week – Where was this taken?

LAST WEEK’S PHOTO of the Nativity of Christ Cathedral, in Riga, Latvia, was correctly guessed by Robin Dhillon, Erica Langly and David Spears. Congrats to all. The Nativity of Christ Cathedral, Riga, Latvia was built to a design by Nikolai Chagin and Robert Pflug in a Neo-Byzantine style between 1876 and 1883, during the period when the …

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